Labour and Social Security Law

Türkoğlu & Türkoğlu Law Firm in within the concept of controversions arising from labour law (labour relations) provides legal consultancy services in legislative framework in composing and operating human resources unit.

In addition, the solution of probable controversions arising service of labour relations is provided by our law firm.

The services in Labour and Social Security Law are as follows:

  • Preparation and mooting of labor contract within the scope of service relations with industrial relations,
  • Revisal of labour contracts within the scope of amendments in labour law legislation,
  • Preparation of contracts and conditions of confidentiality and prohibition of competition in labour relations,
  • Preparation and pursuance of written warnings and annulment warnings for execution of conventional and legal obligation by parties within the labour relation,
  • Making notices generating from contract and law in labour relation,
  • Preparation of contracts for transeferring and hiring laborer,
  • Providing consultancy service to research-development companies relating to labour law,
  • Conducting of mooting during strike and lockout and providing consultancy, conducting of mooting relating to collective labour agreement and preparing of contracts, preparing of intracompany labour regulation,
  • Providing consultancy service relating to education to be given to company personnel in accordance with the legislation that the companies are dependent on,
  • Providing consultancy service relating to legal measure about occupational safety and health regulation.

In addition, our Law Firm conducts seminars in order to inform the companies and human resources departments in regard to current labour law.