Criminal Law

Türkoğlu & Türkoğlu Law Firm with its experience in Criminal Law provides service to plaintiff, victim, suspected and accused clients in all stages of investigation and prosecution. In addition, our Law office provides service to its clients in economical crimes, computer crimes and controversions arising from occupational accidents.

Türkoğlu & Türkoğlu Law Firm relating to Criminal Law offers;

  • Plaintiff and accused attorneyship in each phase of criminal investigation and prosecution,
  • Accused and intervenor attorneyship in the court of peace, the court of first instance and the high criminal court,
  • Filing a criminal complaint, pursuance and interventions during preliminary investigations of Public Prosecution Offiice.
  • Criminal cases arising from traffic accidents, objections against defective fraction and determinations,
  • Penal pursuances and cases arising from foreign Exchange (Check Law), Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights,
  • Claims relating to disposal of criminal registers and records on the grounds of prescription and juridicial reasons,
  • Complaint and case pursuance for penal sanctions which are issued with Bankruptcy and Enforcement Law and other special laws.