Information Law

Türkoglu&Türkoglu Law Firm provides juridical service for especially information technologies and R&D companies in the field of information technologies law, R&D (research and development) legislation, technology development zones and free zones legislation, licensing, dispensations, exceptions and management of intellectual property rights.

Information Technologies and R&D law is developing rapidly. In this context, our law firm offers deep and solution-oriented law services in specific areas. Türkoglu& Türkoglu Law Firm offers Information technology applications also. The services in Information Technologies and R&D areas are especially as follows:

  • Following of the most current developments in the field of Information Technologies law,
  • Following all kinds of juridical development in R&D,
  • Offering a solution related to specific law in specific areas for information Technologies and R&D companies,
  • Following of dispensations and exceptions within the R&D activities,
  • Following Technology Development and Free Zone Legislation and reflections to companies that we offer consultancy service,
  • Licensing, protection of intellectual property rights, following of transactions within register and registration,
  • Offering consultancy service for internet content provider,
  • Offering juridical consultancy service and preparation of juridical substructure for companies which sell goods and service on internet,
  • Following and concluding of infringements caused by internet,
  • Türkoglu&Türkoglu Law Firm offers consultancy service to its clients for e-commerce and e-signature applications.