Family Law

Türkoğlu & Türkoğlu Law Firm offers fast and solution oriented services in all controversions in the area of family law.

Türkoğlu & Türkoğlu Law Firm relating to family law offers;

  • Preperation of marital property agreement which are applied to spouses before marriage, and providing consultancy service relating to this issue,
  • Represention of clients in lawsuit which is litigated relating to pecuniary and non-pecuniary damages arising from breach of engagement,
  • Litigation of contested and uncontested divorce suit,
  • Alimony, joint children custody, pecuniary and non-pecuniary damages and division of matrimaonial property within the spouses,
  • Affiliation between father and illegitimate child, rebut challenge, pursuance of the cases of child properties and adoption transactions,
  • Legal support relating to guardianship, custodian, legal consultancy, 
  • Recognition and approval of annulment of marriage which is received from foreign country courts by Turkish citizens,
  • Affix an annotation of family dwelling to land register.